Unplug The Holiday Machine  
  Robin L. Zucker, facilitator

Many of us look ahead to the holidays with ambivalence...even dread! We welcome the opportunity to express love, peace and joy through the traditions of Christmas and Hanukkah, yet we find ourselves frustrated by the rush and commercialization of the season. Wouldn't you love to create the meaningful holiday experience you've always wanted?

Rev. Robin L. Zucker, a Unitarian Universalist minister, will lead this four -hour workshop based on the book Unplug the Holiday Machine, which is designed to help you create a more rewarding, less stressful, more authentic, and value-centered holiday experience. Using a four-step, hands-on self-discovery process, the workshop includes reflection, writing, dialog, realistic goal-setting for the holidays, a personal inventory of holiday routines, and the articulation of holiday values and visions.

Find out about the “self-defeating unwritten gift giving rules” take the “December Pledge”, revisit the celebrations you cherished and/or plan a holiday season you will cherish for years to come. Light refreshments served.

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