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Wedding Testimonials

“Dear Robin,
Jason and I are back from the honeymoon. Although we've said it before, we wanted to thank you again for the very moving, intimate, and overall wonderful ceremony you performed at our wedding. Several of our guests commented on how personal the ceremony was and how much they enjoyed it. It was truly a joyous experience for us and exceeded our expectations. Thank you!” — Any & Jason, Married at the moraine Farm in Beverly, MA

“Dear Robin,
Russ and I want to thank you so much for conducting such a beautiful ceremony at our wedding, it was so special and memorable to us! Absolutely perfect and even better than we imagined, so many guests commented on how lovely it was. We especially loved the part where you made some personal comments, what you said was so true to us. Thanks again for helping to make it such a wonderful and special day for us, we couldn't be more pleased.”— Emily and Russ, married at Gibbett Hill in Groton, MA

“Dear Robin,
We wanted to tell you how much we loved our wedding ceremony! It was the favorite part of our day. Every single guest told us it was the most beautiful, personal ceremony they have ever been to. people couldn't stop talking about you, and neither could we. You made our wedding so special and personal... thank you so very much.!” — Jenny and Colin, married at the Endicott Estate in Dedham, MA.

“Is anyone looking for a personal, memorable minister who wants your ceremony to be all about...YOU? My husband and I found Rev. Robin Zucker listed here on the knot under "officients" for the Boston area. I am so glad we did! Our wedding ceremony was the most beautiful, personal and memorable experience that both we, and all our guests have ever witnessed. Robin really took the time to get to know my husband and I and worked in personal annecdotes throughout the ceremony. She even made reference to my two cats! : ) She recalled how we first met, and shared the moments when we fell in love. She discussed our families and what an important role they played in our relationship. Everyone in the church got to hear the story of our love in a funny, special and personal way. I received so many positive comments from our guests about how interactive and wonderful the ceremony was. She guided us as we created our own, intimate, personal ceremony. Robin caters to all faiths and belief systems. Her main role is to retell and reafirm the story of your relationship and love.” — Monica and Mike, married at First Parish in Milton, MA

“We are looking forward to our big day and after meeting with you, we’re confident that you will make make our wedding ceremony everything we’ve imagined. “ – M & R

“ Thank you for the lovely, meaningful wedding service. Given how difficult the topic of the ceremony has been for us and our families, we’re especially grateful for your caring, guidance, and sensitivity in working with an interfaith couple like us.” – C & S

“Thank you for being part of our wedding day. Your guidance and support have been so helpful to us.” – H & C

“We appreciated your thoughtfulness and the time you took to personalize your address for us. You were extremely friendly and professional!” - -S & T

“Thank you for the loving care you put into formulating the text and the ritual. As we stood there, time seemed to stand still. The ceremony felt sacred and once-in-a-lifetime.” – E & D

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What do brides on The Knot.com message boards
say about marriage preparation ?

“Hands down the best investment we ever made. You need an objective opinion on issues that NEED to be covered before getting married.”

“It is the best gift you can give each other. I have been married seventeen years and I can tell you that every bride/groom needs this. If it costs money it should be the first thing paid for in the budget. Wedding planning is for a day, marriage for a lifetime. It will be fun.”

“I really recommend it to anyone that asks. We found a counselor that specialized in pre-marital counseling and we both really enjoyed it. Most of what we went over we already knew about each other- i.e., how many kids you want to have, money situations, etc. There were some things though that really helped us. It's not about 'if it's not broke, don't fix it', it's about learning how to deal with things that may or may not come up, how to fight fairly, how to live separate and together lives. To us, it was a great learning experience!”

“When you *really* know where someone is coming from, it's so much easier to diffuse arguments and discuss things in a rational state of mind. You can fight fairly. Otherwise, it's just one big mess; the littlest thing can turn into a huge blowout, which is really not cool.”
“We talked about so many things! What do you want to take with you from your family of origin and what do you want to leave behind and do differently? Children, money, sex, our parents, communication, things that bothered us. We just dealt with everything that came out. There was so much! Things that we didn't even realize were issues were resolved in the office. She would listen to each of us in turn and suggest ways that we could handle it. We practiced all our tools during the time between our sessions and it really paid off. That's the trick -- it only works if you work on the tools you are given in the sessions. Otherwise everything will be the same.”

“I discovered that it’s a good idea to refocus your attention on the couple side of the wedding. Often times you can lose sight of the bride and the groom in all the wedding fiasco planning. The pastor/counselor can be an impartial third party that helps you focus on life after the wedding. He can also help you with communication issues, financial issues and the "little stuff" that ticks you off.”

“Pre-marital counseling is for everyone, even though not everyone takes advantage of it. It'll offer a safe place for both of you to air your fears, hopes and dreams so you both know where you stand on things. Just make sure you learn how to communicate and deal with the bumps in the road that will come...otherwise, it could be harder than you anticipated.”

“Ours helped tremendously, it helped us learn to "fight" better, it helped us learn where the other one was coming from when it came to our families, actually it helped with so many things. Expect to talk about things you and your FI "talk" about but never completely discuss. Those things that you dare to tip toe around but never get into the meat because you are afraid it will start an argument. Be prepared to learn a few things about your FI you never knew, and be prepared to learn a lot about yourself.”

“Pre-Marital Counseling is AWESOME!! I cannot tell you how many fights it has prevented and how much more we are able to communicate with each other without misunderstanding our true feelings. We are very different when it comes to personality and expressing love for each other, we even relax differently. Our counselor was our pastor and he did not leave one stone unturned! We used a workbook and it really helped finding out how we express ourselves differently. I would highly recommend pre-marital counseling!”

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Testimonials on Robin’s Ministry and Presence

“ Your insight, wisdom, and guidance gave me the support I needed to say goodbye to my father in a deep and genuine way prior to his death.” "With much gratitude." - AM

“Your words helped me learn, made me think, and most of all, touched my spirit.” - CW

“You are a wonderful, inspiring speaker.” - EB

“Thank you for all of your support. You have a special gift in matching words to comfort in many situations. I am so lucky to have had your caring, compassionate and encouraging support. From my heart and spirit." - JB

“Thank you for your loyalty. No matter how may times I’ve come to you with a tale of woe, you’ve offered comfort and a listening ear. You’ve seen the big picture and you’ve gently guided me to talk about difficulties without any fear of judgement.” - PD

“Thank you so much for listening to my story, for a safe place to cry, and for your encouragement. I am working on loving myself more because of our conversation.” - JM

“Thank you for the counsel last week with my family. Our communication has been refreshed and we really enjoyed with insights and presence.” – AS

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“This past year, I have grown deeply in my spiritual journey because of my relationship with you.” – SH

Thank you for spending time with us as a family. Honestly – if you can counsel us, you can counsel anybody! Seriously – your patience, understanding, and guidance were incredible.” - MD

“We are so thankful for your efforts to minister to our hearts during a difficult time. . Our family will always be grateful for all you have done.” – GB

“Thank you for your care, your contagious energy, your passion for life and your willingness to journey towards meaningful truths.” - SPT

“You brought me back to a spiritual life with your gentle manner and refreshing, inspirational sermons.” - JF

“ I was struggling and your words helped me find some peace and direction. Know that you are a gift, and much appreciated.” – AG

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Her message: “ She’s inviting rather than demanding, exemplifying rather than preachy. She set the example, she invites us to go along, and doesn’t exhort or coerce. She is user-friendly. Robin is articulate, she knows what she is talking about and knows to whom she is taking.,” - DS

Her character: Robin is not easily dissuaded from doing the right thing, even if the right thing requires sacrifice, enormous energy or
hard work.” - PD

Her presence: “ Robin is almost entirely ministerial. Conversations with her reveal the beginnings of sermons, the testing of ideas, the relations being drawn between day to day events and larger spiritual issues common to humankind, and quotes and quirks being collected for future use. She is a champion listener, smiler, planner, hugger, pray-er, people empower-er, leader, singer, parent, partner, talker, eater, coffee-drinker, community builder, advocate, and friend.” – SB

Robin is willing to take risks and try new things. She has a very positive energy and boundless enthusiasm.” – LRP

“Robin has abundant love, incredible sensitivity and uncommon wisdom. With her beautiful energy and power, I look forward to witnessing how she brings her mission and vision alive with each new endeavor.” – KA

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