Robin, what inspired you to create the soulcamp?
Who is the soulcamp designed for?
Where is the soulcamp located?
Tell me more about the accomodations and meals?
What will a typical soulcamp day be like?
Can you show me a detailed schedule?
Will I have any free time?
Tell me about the faculty?
How much does it cost and what is included?
What type of spa and healing treatments will be available?
How would I get there?
Can I commute?
What if I'd like to spend extra days on Cape Ann?

How do I register?

Tell me more about the central theme and core workshop of the soulcamp. A description of Robin Zucker’s “Out of the Grip, Into the flow” theme workshop can be found on her faculty page.

Robin, what inspired you to create the soulcamps?

As a girl, I absolutely loved attending Camp Wingfoot for girls every summer on Lake Erie (Ohio). I usually spent eight weeks there and it never felt long enough. I cherished the society of girls, the protected freedom, the serious fun, the smells and sensations of the cabin after a hard rainfall. I attended an all-women’s college and, again, the sense of community, love and “shared journey” created in this setting has shaped who I am today. As an adult woman, many of my most profound, joyful, “in the flow” experiences have been in the company of other women – having serious fun together as we explore our strengths and vulnerabilities. These are the inspirations that have given life to soulcamp. (read Robin’s sermon, “Wishing Boats,” about summer camp)

Who is the soulcamp designed for?
Our soulcamps are designed for women of all ages, ability levels, orientations, and backgrounds, who yearn to spend their vacation time in a joyful, non-competitive environment of delight and discovery. To fully participate in the planned activities, we recommend the camp for women with no serious physical limitations, who are in reasonably healthy condition. Each camp is limited to 15 women to facilitate a strong sense of community and to offer the best possible experience for everyone.

Where is the soulcamp located?
Our summer soulcamps take place in a spectacular setting on Cape Ann, Massachusetts, approximately 40 miles north of Boston (for more information, ( Known as “the other Cape,” Cape Ann is a charming, artistic, healing environment from the art galleries and cafes on Rocky Neck in Gloucester, to Lobster-in-the-Rough at world-famous Woodman’s in Essex, to the natural rock formations that meet the ocean at Halibut Point State Park in Rockport. Cape Ann is a magical place – beaches, estuaries, salt air, woodlands, and the slow pace of classic New England summertime. Average high temperature in the summer is 80 degrees with a low temperature of 63. Days are hot, evenings are cool. Delightful!
During the camp, we will live, play, and explore at The Essex Conference Center and Retreat ( a unique, contemporary facility set on sixteen acres of woods, dotted with sculptures, gardens, ponds and waterfalls. The Center is surrounded by 250 acres of conservation land and the ocean is just a short walk away. A beautiful cedar and tile indoor spa features a wood-fired sauna and 10-foot hot tub for relaxing at the end of an energizing day.

Tell me about the accommodations and meals?
The rooms at the Center are comfortable and lovely. Two women will share a semi-private room, each with a unique view of the property. Several private rooms may be available for an extra charge. Please let us know if you have special needs, requests, or roommate preferences.
The sun-drenched dining room feels like an extension of the grounds and the food is delicious, plentiful, and creative. Each day, the chef provides three nourishing and delectable “healthy gourmet” meals, served buffet style. We’ll provide entrees for meat-eaters and for vegetarians, with salads, fresh fruit, fabulous desserts, and a variety of beverages rounding out our meals. Ample nutritious snacks will be offered throughout the day. Please let us know if you have special dietary needs. More details and photos can be found on the Center’s website (

What will a typical soulcamp day be like?
Each day is designed to engage you in an adventure of sweat, spirit, and self-discovery.
8 a.m.-75 minutes of yoga (geared towards all levels)
9:15 – 10 a.m. Breakfast (silent meal)
10:30 a.m -1 p.m. Camp Director Robin Zucker will lead experiential workshops related to the soulcamp theme: “Getting you out the grip and into the flow.” (See faculty listings for details)
1 p.m.-Lunch will be served
1:30-3p.m.-Free time/siesta-private consultations and professional massages will be offered during siesta.
3-5:30 p.m., we’ll enjoy an array of optional recreational activities to energize the body and soul (geared toward all abilities levels):

  • Guided Kayaking excursion with ERBA through the magnificent estuaries of Essex and out to the bay. (
  • Guided Hiking and Nature/Bird watching in the wonders of the Essex Greenbelt (
  • Exploring and Enjoying the Pleasures of Wingaersheek Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Artmaking with Carla Mattioli

6:15 p.m.- After some time to regroup, we will reconvene at for a “happy hour” of refreshments (wine, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks)
7 p.m.-Dinner will be served. Our final dinner together will be a classic New England clambake (steamers, lobster, corn, etc). Non-seafood and vegetarians options will be offered.
Our evening activities will have a creative and social focus – art, moonlight labyrinth walks, singing, a bonfire, massage, and the like. Professional massages and private consultations will be offered throughout the camp for private pay through Lynne March and Associates. The spa will be open each day from 8 p.m. until 11 p.m.
A room for meditation (on site) and the outdoor labyrinth (offsite) will always be available.

For a detailed schedule of Soulmcap 2006, click here.

Will I have any free time?
Yes! The soulcamps are designed to offer a mix of solo and group experiences, energies, and opportunities to fulfill your need for both stimulation and retreat. Each day, we will have a “siesta” from 1:30-3:00 for doing your own thing, whether that be reading, hiking, napping, walking the labyrinth, creating, meditating, writing, something uniquely “you,” or deepening your connection with fellow soulcampers. Additional free time will be available in the the late afternoon, when activities will be offered, but optional.

Tell me about the faculty?
The soulcamp faculty is an amazing group of professional, inspiring women who have devoted themselves to offering transformative and healing experiences for others (especially women). Our faculty ethos is based on a foundation of trust, compassion, joyfulness, honesty, and support. You will feel nurtured and safely challenged.

Robin Zucker, Soulcamp Director and Theme presenter

Carla Mattioli, "Getting into the Flow of your Creative Divine Feminine"

Lynne March & Margaret Rose Peloquin, Massage and Healing Arts Therapists.

Janet Green Garrison, Daily Yoga

Linda Myers-Tierney, Dance for Joy™ DanseKinetics

How much does it cost and what is included?

The cost of each three-day soulcamp is $595

The camps begin on Thursday afternoon, with registration & check-in starting at 3 p.m. Dinner is our first meal. We will conclude our time together on Sunday with closing rituals and lunch as our final meal together. Departure time by 2:30 p.m. on Sunday is expected. Special arrangements can be made for early check-in or late departure if necessary to accommodate your travel schedule. Just ask!

The tuition will include:

  • Accommodations, meals, snacks, happy hours, and closing night clambake.
  • All workshops and workshop materials, daily yoga, art supplies, your personal aromatherapy blend, a “Flowingforce Soulcamp” tank top, and all take-home program resources.
  • Use of the spa (sauna and hot tub) during the Center’s posted hours of operation.
  • Drumming, singing, getting gloriously into the flow!

What type of spa or healing treatments will be available?

Margaret Rose Peloquin will offer massage and healing therapies on a fee-for-service basis to soulcamp attendees.

Margaret writes:
“I offer sessions in Polarity Realization Therapy.  Polarity is energetic bodywork, aligning the energy lines and pathways found in the physical body.  Energy surrounds every body and Polarity addresses these energy patterns as well.  Clear quartz crystals are used to open the client's system to a higher level of well -being.  Clients may derive a heightened sense of clarity, balance and /or vitality from a Polarity session.

I also offer sessions in RYSE, an acronym for “Realizing Your Sublime Energies,” which  takes the energy work of Polarity to a deeper level.  Core issues may be resolved opening the client to a stronger sense of purpose.  RYSE may be combined with a Polarity session depending on what the client requires at the time of session.

I offer Swedish massage, which releases tension and stress in the body's musculature, leading to  great relaxation.

These techniques bring strength and empowerment to the individual, uniting one with the divinity which lives in all.  All modalities may be combined, as desired, in a 1hour 20min session.  Fee is $80.00 per session. "

Bernedette Flangan  of SpaTech will offer facials, as well a spa seaweed wraps and salt scrubs. The facials are $65.00 the Aromatherapy Salt scrubs are $50.00 and the Full Seaweed body Detoxify Treatment  is $95.00 

How would I get there?

Transportation to and from Essex is not included. Cape Ann is 40 miles North of Boston and the Center has ample parking spaces for anyone who wishes to drive to the soulcamp. The nearest airports are Logan International Airport in Boston, MA and Manchester Airport in Manchester, NH.

Let us know your travel plans and we can arrange for a shuttle from these airports, from the Amtrak or Bus stations in Boston, or from the commuter rail station in Gloucester, MA (accessible at the North Station subway stop in Boston) Full travel links and suggestions will be posted on this website by June 1, 2005.

Do you have an option for women who would like to commute to soulcamp?

No, we feel the camp is complete retreat experience that would lose some of its impact for commuters. We’ve sought to price the camp so that it is affordable…and you deserve it!

What if I’d like to spend extra days on Cape Ann after the camp ends?

Since camp ends on Sunday, it would certainly be possible to spend extra time on Cape Ann, and we can suggest accommodations. You can also consult for ideas.

One caution to consider is that the soulcamps are designed as deeply communal, supportive, and intentional experiences, and it may be jarring and even unsatisfying to transition to the “outside world” of motels and restaurants before returning home.

How do I register?

You can register for camp in two easy steps. Click here for full details about the process and policies and to place your registration.

Because each camp is limited to 15 women, we recommend that you not wait too long to register. A wait list will be established for each camp.

We hope you will join us in Essex for this amazing adventure of sweat, spirit, self-discovery…and sisterhood! Please be in touch with Robin at if you have any questions, inspirations, or requests (or if you just want to say, “Yippee! Can’t wait until next summer!”)

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