“Every engaged couple thinks they don't need it. Every married couple thinks they did.”
Mark McManus, author of Marriage Savers

I Will Show You How To Make Your Wedding Vows a Reality.

  • I am an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, who is trained and certified to provide professional, private pre-marital counseling and marriage education.
  • Based on my research and experience, I use the PREPARE marriage preparation program. It is a positive, affordable (and priceless) investment in a stronger marriage – right from the start.
  • PREPARE is not a religiously-based program with a religious agenda or point of view. It is a religion-neutral, counseling model designed to help couples get real about marriage as they better understand the ways they mesh as two unique individuals entering a life-long relationship.
  • PREPARE does not pass judgement. There are no “right and wrong” answers. The hands-on exercises reflect back to the couple their own points of view about their strengths, growth areas, values, marriage expectations and dreams, individually and together.

I Believe In Marriage.

  • I also believe (and researchers agree) that couples transition into a relationship as challenging as marriage most successfully when they take part in a well-designed, skill-building preparation program like PREPARE with a trained facilitator.
  • More than one million couples have engaged in and benefited from this hands-on program as they’ve celebrated their strengths as a couple and learned new approaches for turning their stumbling blocks into stepping stones to a fulfilling marriage.

I Will Help You Put New or Sharper Tools in Your Relationship Toolbox!

Click here to learn more about the PREPARE program (structure, elements, and benefits) and why it could turn out to be one of the most romantic aspect of your pre-marital process!

“It is the best gift you can give each other. I have been married seventeen years and I can tell you that every bride/groom needs this. If it costs money it should be the first thing paid for in the budget. Wedding planning is for a day, marriage for a lifetime.”
a married woman’s message to knot.com brides.