Dearly Beloved™ – a marriage success
seminar for engaged couples and newlyweds.
  Robin L. Zucker, facilitator

Future schedule in development for 2017/18. Let us know if you’d like to be informed of upcoming classes and other events

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes…the most complex and potentially fulfilling relationship of your life! Dearly Beloved is a positive, non-religious, skill-building seminar that equips you with the useable tools you need to make your wedding vows a reality. Through hands-on, stimulating exercises and discussions, you’ll create a strong foundation for effective communication, conflict resolution, intimacy, and goal setting, as you learn how to “coach” your partner with love and clarity. Brides say: “Do it! Your wedding lasts a day. Your marriage for a lifetime.” Grooms say: “Hands down the best investment we made.”